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2019’s Latest Hip-Hop & Rock Trends

– B. Michael Logan –

2019 has been a busy year so far in the music industry but if there has been a genre that has been busier than any other it is definitely Hip Hop and Rock, here are the major trends so far:

  • (Hip Hop) Artists Exploring New Subjects Within Sexuality & Gender:

    Hip Hop has always been a musical genre that explores new horizons lyrically, it goes without saying that every generation seeks to do so adapting to current trends, nowadays a very heavy subject is gender fluidity and sexuality.

    Many musicians have explored the subject but the Hip Hop scene is making statements and solid grounds for artists to have the freedom to explore, talk and discover themselves within this controversial talk.

    The Hip Hop scene is starting to change thanks to this, it is affecting fashion and attitude statements and giving a large group of people a genre of music they can feel they belong in a more intimate level.

  • Female Artists To Take Note Of In 2019:

    The Hip Hop Industry has now a very wide selection of female artists that are constantly releasing new material and 2019 will be a very explosive year.

    Artists such as Nova Rockafeller, Young M.A, Lizzo, Noname, Princess Nokia, Reverie, Snow Tha Product, Gavlyn & Iggy Azalea are a few of the names to watch out for this 2019 as they will be dropping singles one after another.

    Lately the hip hop industry is growing extensively with female artists, Hip Hop was a genre that had mostly male artists, that used to expose and talk about life realities, political and religious aspects and personal life stories, since 2015 there has been a wave of massive female artists that has balanced the genre and brought new and different perspectives, this is important to take note of, as this generation of artists are exposing how dualism and a constant flow of change can break social and political boundaries and bring more subjects and life matters together into a musical scene, making it grow.

  • (Rock) New Wave Of Music:

    Rock Music has always been here to stay, with the arising of new genres such as Trap, Reggaeton, the big wave of Electronic music and their respective sub genres, Rock music was really starting to be at the back of the stage for a lot of people, but this is starting to take a turn.

    This year many bands such as Slipknot, Rammstein, Bad Religion, Avatar, Megadeth, Deftones, Evanescence and probably Tool will release new material among many other artists that range from different sub genres.

    It has been estimated by many that “2019 will be the biggest year for rock and metal music in a long time!

  • YES, 50th Anniversary:

    The band YES has announced  a tour to celebrate their 50 years together this summer.

Over the course of 26 dates, YES will share the stage with a number of other iconic British rock acts that share historical and a deep connection to their band.

Asia, which originally featured YES’ Geoff Downes and Steve Howe, will reunite with Howe to pay tribute to founding member John Wetton. Additionally, another former Asia member, Emerson, Lake & Palmer’s Carl Palmer, will take under the moniker “ELP Legacy” with guest vocals by Arthur Brown. The bill also promises John Lodge performing classic Moody Blues tracks.

The tour will begin Mid-June and they will perform from the mid-Atlacntic to Northeast. Starting July they will be heading Midwest performing in Ohio, Illinois & Michigan before heading South and they will perform a three night-Run in Florida.

Tickets will be on sale Friday, April 5th for the majority of their shows

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Sexy Polish Model – VXNS


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